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Ene Onuh brand is Inspired by the sunshine, exotic colours and nature of the African continent, driven by the desire to standout and to inspire the mindset of the confident. It makes you look good and feel comfortable with what you wear.

Fashion and style, bright colours and the successful combination of African fabrics with newest trends are the signature of our brand. At the same time keeping it classy, comfortable, simple when needed and stylish. It is our pleasure to confidently standout with our unique designs.

Ene Onuh brand is distinctive, meeting the daily and timely needs of every human race across the world discriminating none. The range of products designed are Ene Onuh collection, Ene Onuh tailored, Ene Onuh Bags, Men’s wear, Women’s wear, Zoe’s Children’s wear and Home furnishings.

In our atelier, we tailor-fit and are readily available to address each individual design and need with top-notch service to ensure an exceptional and enjoyable shopping experience. We give a warranty of exceptional quality and uniqueness for all our products.

All handmade with love. We proudly promote the African culture and nature with our designs. Allow this encounter to be your personal welcome to Africa and give us and yourself the opportunity to bring a piece of Africa into your home. Get acquainted with us.

Ene Daniluk

Ene Onuh is owned and operated by Ene Daniluk who is the principal designer. She has an atelier in Old Town Warsaw.

Ene Daniluk is a fourth generation of designers and tailors. Her great grandmother designed and wove her fabrics, and was also a potter, her grandmother thought her how to make bras and patchwork designs while her mother laid the foundation of designing and sewing clothes in her life at a very early age. She taught her all she knows about designing and sewing.

She takes pleasure in wearing her designs and loves when others wear them.

Ene Onuh brand is a part of “EXPERIENCE AFRICA” FOUNDATION. We work together to give the right to proper education to children in Africa and less privilege around the world.